Stevenson Vs Harutyunyan 7/6/24 – 6th July 2024

Prepare for an electrifying night of boxing as Shakur Stevenson faces Edgar Harutyunyan in a highly anticipated showdown on July 6, 2024. This event brings together some of the most skilled and exciting fighters in the sport, promising an unforgettable evening of action, drama, and high-stakes competition.

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Match Card

  1. Main Event: Light Heavyweight Bout
    • Shakur Stevenson vs. Edgar Harutyunyan
      • A highly anticipated matchup featuring Shakur Stevenson, the undefeated American boxer known for his speed and technical skills, against Edgar Harutyunyan, an experienced and formidable opponent from Armenia. This bout promises intense action and strategic combat as both fighters aim to claim victory and solidify their positions in the light heavyweight division.
  2. Co-Main Event: Welterweight Clash
    • Fighter A vs. Fighter B
      • Details about the fighters and their previous records. Highlight any notable achievements or past encounters that make this match exciting.
  3. Middleweight Showdown
    • Fighter C vs. Fighter D
      • Information about the fighters’ styles, strengths, and what fans can expect from this bout.
  4. Lightweight Bout
    • Fighter E vs. Fighter F
      • A brief overview of the fighters, their journey to this fight, and key points to watch during the match.
  5. Featherweight Contest
    • Fighter G vs. Fighter H
      • Description of the fighters’ background, fighting styles, and any rivalry or storyline leading up to this fight.
  6. Opening Match: Bantamweight Battle
    • Fighter I vs. Fighter J
      • Introduction of the fighters, their recent performances, and what makes this bout a thrilling opener for the event.

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